There is a lot of stuff going on in the world today. And when something catches your interest, or your imagination is sparked, sometimes you just need to capture that thought. And in the future reflect on that thought, or share it with others. But maybe not through the whole social media world from whence the original seed may have come? And so those thoughts develop, but not necessarily joining up with the source. Disconnected cyclic. Spiralised design. And that is the purpose of this site.

Ingenu legacy

In 1996 I decided that I could work for me and set up Ingenu Limited – a different kind of design consultancy doing, back then, what other engineering consultants were not. It was rewarding, hands-on design and realisation of built projects focused on lightweight engineering, as well as providing valuable experience in managing a business. More (soon)>


What is ‘Design’ anyway? For me it is about how art, materials, know-how and engineering (and probably a whole bunch of other stuff) combine to respond to the context and conditions in which design occurs. That touches on style, and underpinned by the economic, social and environmental pillars we associate with sustainability. More (soon) >


It took a re-direction in career to enable the time and exposure to broaden my understanding of what knowledge really meant, and what on earth Knowledge Management was! It is great to have an expertise but being able to share that knowledge, and leverage it for the betterment of individuals or business is far more rewarding. And there is plenty of science behind this. More (soon) >